The consuming fire that falls from the sky.

I feel like the only human being on Earth.

I realize that ‘technically’ there are over 7 billion others, who look similar, but to me, all of you are angels. Servants of Jehovah, or something like that. And that is a possibility that could actually be quite wonderful! That at the end of our Earth lives, we finally reconcile out with others, everyone else, and see everyone and everything as simply being some created place that Jehovah made for himself, made for his pleasure. So, all these people, all of my experiences all of my life have been simply with created forms, that are projecting some sense of a real person, but they are very sophisticated creations, not my companion. A true companion would be very much like, me, earthy, physical, real. And yet, your Word tells me that this companion was to be strong or helpful in a divine sense. That it could be the point of the help meet was to bring a person to God, so that we finally relax into those arms, and let go of all that the Earth was. Then, the story settles out as God and me (the one human on Earth, the garden), and the others, all of is, a creation to please You. So, I should be able to trust that you know what you are doing, to being me to God, and my final rest.

Then. Life settles out nicely.
Then. Grace will reign, gifts and happy surprises, no more bad news. The closer I can be to You dear Father, the better of this Earth will become. I wonder that until I find You… until I have rested in you… and stop trying to be one of the winners of Earth. You make the winners, Lord. You decide what these creatures are performing. Their job seems to be prod me along toward you. The physical reality kept failing too much, I would never that… it seems as though you had it in for me. But I can see now that I will never be happy in life until I am totally Yours, and just give my whole being to You. Then we are truly Creator and child. Then all I think about if you, and wondering if it is ever going to end.

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